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I have a bench warrant. What should I do?

A bench warrant is a warrant issued for a Defendant’s arrest because he or she failed to appear for a mandatory Court hearing.


If you have a bench warrant, there are two ways that you can try to dispose of it. One option is to simply turn yourself into the authorities, which is usually done by presenting yourself at the county jail and having a correctional officer serve the warrant on you. Once the warrant is served, you will be taken into custody to await a hearing before a Court Commissioner. The Commissioner will decide whether to release you on your own personal recognizance or whether to require you to pay security on a bond to be released.


The other option is to file a motion asking a Judge to recall or quash the bench warrant and set a new Court date. If you hire an attorney to file such a motion, there is a good chance that it will be granted. In particular, in traffic and misdemeanor cases, typically, judges will grant an attorney’s motion to recall or quash a bench warrant. The very fact that you have hired an attorney shows that you are committed to resolving the case. LTW Legal has represented clients who have missed court multiple times in traffic cases and still has had its motions to recall or quash their bench warrants granted.


If you have a legal issue concerning a bench warrant, contact Lauderdale, Thompson and Warby, LLP as soon as possible.


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